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I occasionally eat animal cookies to honor William Bell.

student, TV junkie
with an eclectic taste in everything
30 rock, adrian monk, agent smith, alan rickman, alec baldwin, alex mahone, anthony hopkins, band of brothers, ben/juliet, benjamin linus, bill nighy, black books, blue bloods, burn notice, castle, chicago hope, christopher eccleston, christopher foyle, christopher shyer, chuck, coldplay, columbo, community, computers, cooking, crime stories, criminal minds, csi, dad's army, damages, danny elfman, david carradine, deb/lundy, dexter, dido, digital art, doctor who, dollhouse, douglas adams, downton abbey, english literature, fanfiction, foyle's war, frank burns, frank lundy, frasier, friends, fringe, german shepherds, gil grissom, glee, golden girls, gordon ramsay, hannibal lecter, hans zimmer, harry potter, hawaii five-o, hell's kitchen, henry gale, hi-de-hi, history, house, howard shore, hrg, hugh laurie, hugo weaving, human target, internet, jack coleman, jack donaghy, jack nicholson, jason gideon, jean-philippe susilovic, jeeves and wooster, jeffrey geiger, john casey, john noble, john williams, keith carradine, kelsey grammer, kings, kitchen nightmares, larry linville, legend of the seeker, leverage, linkin park, lord of the rings, lost, m.a.s.h, mandy patinkin, marcus, matrix, merlin, michael emerson, michael kitchen, miranda, misfits, modern family, monk, movies, music, ninth doctor, noah bennet, ost, peter falk, photoshop, poirot, prison break, pushing daisies, raising hope, reaper, rookie blue, severus snape, sherlock holmes, spartacus blood and sand, stephen king, steve carell, steve jablonsky, steve martin, supernatural, the big bang theory, the f word, the good guys, the good wife, the mentalist, the pacific, the vampire diaries, timothy dalton, titus welliver, tolkien, tony shalhoub, true blood, two steps from hell, u2, v, volkoff, walter bishop, warehouse 13, white collar, william blake, william fichtner, william petersen, william shakespeare, world war 2, x-ray dog, you rang m'lord?